The Purgatory Of A Marketer:

There are no short cuts and there are many miles to be walked to reach the roads of glory that are a marketer’s paradise, the commerce of heaven to be able to purchase the software that be. Only to give the client what they need whether it be putting food on the table for their families or sailing the seas Greece.  However, what shines and glimmers is not always gold. Even if the marketer has what it takes to bend metal to his or her name and withstand the heat of arc and flame, galvanization can become of dreams that held the perfect Alchemy. A dream turning into a reality of an iconic bond, of what used to be the identity of a marketer that once reigned supreme. Some marketers are born just as some marketers are made. However, not all marketers are created equal. 

Sumira Sarai Media EST. 1993

Sometimes when I tell people that I was born for Media, they doubt it. A picture speaks 1000 words they say.

Alas, even the best of marketers are also condemned to swim in the hell of over saturated markets, relentlessly fighting the dogma and the inferno that low-grade marketers have created. Feasting on the scraps that they left behind, and sometimes even starving the agencies that be just to survive until the next client comes. As we march alone or in many forever battling the algorithmic patterns from sea to shining sea, the realms of marketing seem to be merging transitioning into the new reality of the Digital Era that be.  

Traditional Marketers that used to be the masters of the craft who have not only innovated but levitated brands are struggling to adapt in this abyss of new age media where the world moves too fast. While the new age marketers either lack the credentials to be taken seriously or are too stubborn and naïve to understand that traditional forms of marketing are still effective and that they too should be embraced while they are still in existence.  In a world of timelines, news feeds, fake news, robot followers, twitter trumps and post likes that come from, an Iphone app or Timbuctoo… The identity of the marketer has been stolen and forgotten without a verdict, and the potential of opportunity is being tormented by the flames of merchant malpractice that burns to a further degree than melted steel. The marketing industry as a whole is in desperate need a resurrection.


And in the dawn of the digital era the time of judgment has been heaved upon us as the clients who have been forsaken and lost thousands to millions of dollars because their marketers did not care. As the best merchants are left in limbo, only to accept low ball deals and face the daily nightmare that is rebranding and reputation/pr damage control due to an agency/marketer that did not do their job! If we were living in medieval times than off would have becometh their heads for the treachery they have committed and the lake of fire they made out of the profit pool which could have been their client’s potential worth. However, we are living in modern times and the barbaric behavior of the dark ages is no longer tolerated. However, as Irony would have it, the dark ages of marketing are upon us, but we must not lose hope for we the merchants shall be redeemed just as our destiny is scribed in stone.

By setting a Superior standard of what marketing must be, Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection will take place in a form that even the best marketers before us could not have predicted. Anyone who does not deliver will phase out by the law of natural selection. The marketing industry will transcend into a state of evolution and the once barren soil of the marketing fields will be amended with nutrients that it needs for the Cannabis Economy to only live but to thrive. No longer will our people thirst for the brand recognition that they need to grow, for the waters will overfloweth and the identity of a marketer with no longer be without a crown. And at last the grassroots industry and the cannabis brands will have the Media that they need.  No matter what marketer or agency that is chosen, the standards of marketing must be elevated.  


The dust bowl that the false marketers have pillaged will become fertile land and there will be acres for the ganja kings and cannabis queens to grow.  Giving all people from every geographic region, and niche markets more room to grow. Giving those who belong to the cultivation kingdom resources, knowledge and power to the harvest season after season to elevate their dreams that be. For the wisdom of marketing and knowledge of true cultivation is more valuable than rubies, diamonds, emeralds, silver, and gold. And at last, the balance will be restored as we will harvest the fruits of our own labor, feasting upon the Oceanside of the Golden State to the toasting to the best of wines near the Mediterranean seas.

The purgatory can, at last, be over when both the cannabis industry and the marketing forces behind this multi-billion dollar enterprise realize that alone we are a raindrop and together we are a sea, and true empires cannot be built alone in any industry. Either way, alone or in many let us rejoice for these ventures upon us. Let us Embrace the Digital Era and rise with no hesitation for the sake of sewing our seeds and cultivating in the most glorious golden waves. Together, we must free the medicine and continue to put patients over money. Any marketer on earth knows that there are things far more valuable than ROI, and one of those things is human life.  And if the world forgets that cannabis and patients come first… May “The Angry Voters March” as they once did before, carrying the same torch of advocacy from the past that indeed lit the way to today, tomorrow and many seasons to come. The waves of the green rush are upon us, may we stand together as an Industry and remember why we are here in the first place.

#Legalize #Medicine 



Cannabis Over Money, The Roots of Honor. ​

Free The Weed, Save The BeesThe studies about Medical Marijuana seem not to have an end. From the days of Soloman’s temple until the green rush that is now.  Whether CBD, hemp, indica or Sativa this plant has a positive effect on mankind and continues to better the world to extremes. As we all know the road to legalization was and still remains a winding strenuous journey as we travel this path with our heads held high, counting the victories that so many have dedicated their lives to achieve for the cannabis industry. The cannabis community ignores the road flares and the pot holes that be, marching onward to the highways where the roots of ganja can, at last, drive through the soil and grow into a state of bloom with a speed.

Let us be clear and realistic… The only reason cannabis has been an outlaw for so long is that of money. In the days of Ganja’s past there was not a way to tax “The First Lady, of The West” without putting a lot of other industries out of business or at the very least causing their gross annual income to plummet faster than a swat team can break down walls to a grow room due to the fact that cannabis and hemp can be used for so many different things. From clothes to bowls this medicine gives the people what they need! Cannabis over money is what sets the NorCal community apart from the rest, most here are aware that there are things that money cannot buy.

Cannabis Over Money,

NorCal is where the roots of honor grow.

Author, Sumira Sarai  

Of: Harvest Dreams Media