Infidelity is one of the worst forms of heartbreak that any person could ever feel. It is the complete & utter violation of trust, commitment, and hope. It is one of the most disloyal quality’s a partner/spouse can have. Infidelity also includes lying, and deceit in every sense of the word. If married infidelity is considered adultery. In many cultures & religions around the world a marriage or a relationship is considered both a personal, and sacred bond.
The fact of infidelity has even managed to infiltrate many “open relationships” and rip them apart. This is one of the reasons why most believe relationships should be closed. All to often one or both partners in an open relationship misunderstand the boundaries of that relationship that they are in. Miscommunication & to much freedom, often send open relationships into their grave.
Infidelity is not strictly confined to physical intimacy or sexual expeditions outside of a relationship in general. Sexual infidelity is only the tip of the iceberg, as far as I am concerned. Emotional intimacy often makes infidelity even worse than thought possible. Not only are the cheaters & home wreckers fulfilling their sexual passions, but they are emotionally romantic, involved, and attached. Unfortunately, most infidelity involves comes with both, emotional & physical betrayal.
Whether it is emotional or physical infidelity, trust ends up to be nonexistent, hearts end up broken, and a once fruitful relationship becomes shattered all in the name of infidelity. My heart goes out to those who have been cheated on… Because I know of the pain & the devastation that it can bring to your soul. When you give your heart and body to someone, and they betray you for someone else… it hurts. But you must move on over the pain that has been inflicted, and make the choice of forgiving your partner who has forsaken you, or to move on to a new partner and simply hope that history does not again repeat.
Infidelity is a very sticky matter. So to say. There are many factors and issues that revolves around infidelity and affairs. There is the why, the how, the who, what and where. When someone is cheated on, not only are they overwhelmed with pain, betrayal and sadness, but their confidence suffers as much as they do. Some wonder if it was their fault, or what could of they have done different to prevent their partner from straying. All infidelity leads to is negative feelings, emotions and outcomes. When it comes to adultery and infidelity, nothing good can come out of it.
Some people seem to be natural born cheaters & deceivers. Some people make that one mistake that ruins their whole relationship in just one night. It is in my opinion that all wrongs should be forgiven. When infidelity arises in a relationship, it is foolish to take back a habitual liar & cheater. But it would also be foolish to not forgive & let go the person who loves you most, who made one mistake, that they are very sorry for. In either situation the relationship is damage, while trust runs bleak. When it comes down to it the only cure for infidelity, is not to cheat in the first place.
When it comes to infidelity, souls & hearts are at stake. Love & Life have its dark side, and dangers. Because Life Is Dangerous & Sooo Are People. We live in a world, full of love, hate, heartbreak & people. My advice to you, is to just roll with the punch’s & learn from your mistakes, do not where your heart on your sleeve, because it just might break.


Suicide is the most detrimental & painful experience’s that a family can ever go through. But sadly this deadly event happens to many people, with each day that passes by. By writing this article, I hope that someone suicidal reads this. I understand what it feels like to be at the bottom of the barrel & have nothing left to lose…. But the fact of the matter is suicide is never the answer. There is often help out there, that we do not seek. There is often joyful events in the future that can not be foreseen.

Life can be painful. But life can also become amazing. Its just a matter of having the strength to get to the amazing parts of our lives. It’s always darkest before dawn… I for one, know the effects of depression. The fact is depression can kill, and fill you will darkness, making your worst enemy lay inside of yourself. Depression is a full fledged war inside of yourself, that no one but you can hope to understand.

 Sometimes the feeling of sadness & defeat is sooo strong, victims of depression see death, as the only way out. Often their family’s never understand why they committed suicide, And live the rest of their lives with a great sense of pain & unanswered questions. It is in my opinion that suicide is the most selfish act any man or woman can do. Suicide is the easy way out of life & its bitter sweet journey.

   If you or a loved one are depressed &/or having suicidal thoughts… Please take this seriously. I’m sure there are knives, guns, pills, ropes, & belts laying around in households across America. With any of these common found instruments, it is more than easy for a victim of depression to take their own life. To: the ones who have thought about killing themselves; It is to late for me to help the ones that already done this deed, who are dead. Therefore it is in my calling to help you, the ones who are still standing.

 You must find peace inside of yourself, you must find light within your own darkness, you must LET GO of the pain. If you hold on to the pain it will only rip you apart. You need be strong, for your family & yourself. You may need a change of scenery, you may need new friends. Who know’s what you need, but you DO NOT need to kill yourself. I understand losing a loved one is hard, and financial or marital problems can do a number on one’s sanity & life. But you must understand my dear reader, that suicide is not the way to go.

Seek any help that you can get. I advise you to take my advice. For I have walked in your shoes before. Take it how you want it. Listen to joyful music, start doing the things that you love most. Try to stay away from alcohol, unearthly drugs & bad people. All of those listed can & will, only make your condition worse. Negative music, full of darkness & hate, will only make your state of mind & condition worse. You need some time to clear your head, your soul & your spirit.

 You need to release the anguish & despair that lays at the core of your soul. You need to make the best out of whatever situation you may or may not be dealing with. Suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem.

By human nature we are never really satisfied with life or the way that we live it. Be the change that you want to see. RISE WHERE YOU FALL.

If you can survive the crisis of your soul(which I pray that you do) you can go on to make a difference & help people who feel your same pain. It is up to you to mend & fix the broken pieces of your heart & soul.

You have the power to make it in this world. No matter how hard it gets. Please know this fact. Start your life over if you must. But by any means do not make it come to an end & surly not by your own hands. You are a human being with pure grace, power & force. Please do not let this wicked world take you. For you are much better than that.

 I highly recommend you pray & walk with God. For he will not fail you. But if you take your own life… You will fail God, yourself & your family. Let that be known. No words can express the pure pain & agony of depression and what it does to the human mind, body & spirit. By writing this article, I am hoping to reach at least one person…. Who needs to hear these words. This is a hard issue for me to talk about. But I shall speak when I must.

On that note, may you have the strength to deal with your life & whatever it throws at you. Follow your heart to the place that it takes you… And last but most certainly not least…. NEVER GIVE UP.

Life Is Dangerous & Sooo Are People. Not only are people a danger to others, but sometimes people, Are even a danger to themselves. I don’t mean to sound paranoid… But I have came to the conclusion…. That nothing is safe in this world. Not even ourselves. Keep your eyes open…. And always watch your back. Because life is dangerous…. And full of mishaps.

Some people may call me crazy for writing an article like this…Butthe fact of the matter is over 30,000 people in the United States alone commit suicide every year. Maybe if more people we’re not afraid to speak up, those numbers would be less. All I can say is, I will do my part & say what needs to be said.

If You Got Raped…..

If you got raped…. it is or was not about sex drive, attraction, or what you may or may not have done. It is about power. It is about force. It is about evil, it is about sickness, it is about scorn. It is about one person violating the rights of another human being in one of the most horrendous forms humanly possible. Unfortunately…. Rape can happen to you, me, women, men, and children of any age, race, orientation, or size. Rape does not discriminate. May this be a fact of this danger that is known. It may or may not have happened to you, or someone that you know & love. And you may or may not have know them to be a rape victim. Rape victims often feel shamed & keep their tragic event a secret for years.

IF you are a rape victim. It is not your fault. And you are not to blame for life’s mishaps that was induced on you by a sick person with a sick mind. In many cases…Rape is never reported. Nor avenged on. And more than often it is kept a secret that’s hidden for years. If you got raped….1st & foremost….You need medical attention. This I strongly do advise. To do there’s much need. If you got raped you must, Get a hold of your feelings & allow yourself to heal.

I am not a doctor. But this here is real.

And on that note, I will say any rapist scum or pedophiles should be locked up forever & a day. Preying on kids? How sick can you be? A real man should have no problem getting laid. And again rape is not about sex. It is about power. If you got raped… will be okay, and you must overcome the heartache & mental despair…. if you are still standing alone & cold in the harsh world…of a rape victims dreams…. You must let go of the pain & paranoia,for it will do you no justice in the end. Turn your curse into a blessing that can help other people, that are in your situation.

Trust me when I say,That it is possible to overcome, and you must find the strength within yourself to get your power back. You can & you will get past this. You must allow yourself to do sooo. There are steps that you can take to prevent rape from happening, but then again there are many circumstances in which it is inescapable. But either way…. It is still not your fault.

Never set your drink down in a public place or a place with non trustworthy people.  Life is dangerous & sooo are people. with that being said…be careful who you trust.  Always follow your instincts. And try to take different routes home or where ever you happen travel. All to often predators stalk their prey. Rapist are the predators & their victims are the prey. Furthermore Always be aware of your surrounds. The key to bad situations such as these is the use of prevention. Thus “Prevention Is Key”.

And if prevention fails & if worst comes to worst…. At least you can say you tried. I’m just keeping it real. People always told me that shit happens. And it does. That was proved when shit happened to me……

Life Is Dangerous And Sooo Are It’s People.

We live in this life & We are around people’

If you got raped…..It is not your fault.

and your rapist, will never be equal’


They will be lost without cause, Just hold your head high’

And gleam like the sun, Life is about triumphs & rising above’

If you got raped…. Just let your let your soul shine’

You must not look back, Set your life to unwind’

You must move forward, And remember all mistakes’

For we must kno our past, Sooo our future won’t shake’

Do not let rape…. Ruin your life’

To do there’s no need, We onli live once, Sooo we must heal indeed’

Sumira Sarai…. I have now said my peace’

And life goes on…. For both you & me.

Where Violence Is Found….

Violence is often found in impoverished & poor areas. It is in my beliefs that there is a factor behind this reason. When one is poor and has nothing, desperation & coldness seeps its way in. Desperate people do very dangerous things. It is not un common for there to be many drive bys in the hood or drug deals & liqs gone bad. A Liq is a robbery incase you did not know. And yes violence is mainly found in poor areas does not mean that you are safe because you live in a rich little suburban neighborhood. Bottom line violence, rape, and murder are everywhere. Life Is Dangerous & Sooo Are People.

You have the gang bangers, The KKK, The sociopaths, The pedophiles(Watch your kids because they will be a prime target for a pedophile), The wife beaters, The serial killers, The police, The Jihads, The murderers, The rapist, The people who partake in bestiality like todd treviso(And yes they are out there, Sooo keep an eye on your pets to) The list go’s on & on. The behavior of the public does not help either. One they usually do not kno the reality of the matter and if they do they do not show it and decide to live in silence. On a small scale and a large scale.

In my opinion violence comes from a bad child hood, a rough life, a bad mentality, ignorance, or a born to be sick wicked type of a mind or mentality. Hurt people, hurt people. In this violence driven & riddled existence we as one person must be the change that we want to see. As a great one once said…..“Be The Change You Want To See” When it comes down to it violence is in & around, both you & me. Sooo we must be the change….That we want to see.